Here is what some of our clients have to say about us:

"From the sales to installation - everything was excellent! How nice in a time
where customer service is gone - you still do it right!"
- Q.C. Carrol

"My husband and I are EXTREMELY happy with the work of Sound Engineering. We had a whole house audio and video system previously installed by another company. It was difficult to operate, did not sound  good and eventually it broke. The system Sound Engineering installed was very easy to use and the sound is just wonderful. The other company also said it was “impossible” to run high definition cables to my TV. Sound Engineering spent two days in the attic, under the house and even inside our fireplace to replace the old cables. The end results are simply “AMAZING”. We also now have one remote control to operate everything in our entertainment system. Sound  Engineering technicians explained the remote control to us, they were patient and explained things as we could understand them. Their prices are competitive and they return my phone calls promptly when I have a question about anything. The technicians and engineers always wore booties and cleaned up thoroughly every time they did work on our home. We HIGHLY recommend Sound Engineering to anyone."
- Brenda and Willie Godwin

"Sound Engineering installed my new 60" TV with Stereo Sound Surround and also speakers throughout my home and outside patio. It was the best investment I have EVER made in an entertainment system.  The installation was very, very thorough.  The CEO made sure that every  speaker was soldered, not just hooked up.  He spent countless hours making sure that everything was perfect.  It was well worth every cent, and less than local companies that only install systems to “plug and play”.  I play my system every day and thoroughly enjoy it. And, it is SO easy to operate. Even this retired guy has no problem operating everything through one remote control!! Come listen for yourself  You may contact Wayne "Oz" Richie and he will put you in contact with me. "
- Columbus Abrams

"My husband Jim and I were completely satisfied with the entire process
from having our questions answered by you to the installation of the
system. The time that was taken to help me understand how to operate
the audio system was very much appreciated, too"
- Suzanne Sullivan

"Just want to say that we are so pleased with the speakers Sound Engineering added to our t.v. and stereo system.  My husband, Bill, has had a hard time hearing so we had to keep the sound  turned up so loud the room would rock and disturb others in the house. Small hidden speakers were added in specific locations that no one else had ever thought of and this saved the day!  We were also taught how to use our remote controls for our t.v.  We had never known and no one else could explain it to our understanding. We are experts now! "
- Dr. and Mrs. Bill Hayden

"I have used Sound Engineering for several projects. Their engineers and technicians have excellent problem solving skills, always cleaned up after themselves, wore shoe covers the whole time they were in my house, and were always on time. If you're looking for a professional high end system or just need something repaired, Sound Engineering is the right company for the job."
- Ricky Finkbeiner

"Just a quick note of thanks for taking care of my receiver problem yesterday. Appreciate the fact that you service low end clients as well as the big guys. Watched a Showtime movie last night and everything worked just fine, AND at the end when I turned the receiver off the HDMI did port thru to my TV. Didn't have to go back to the video/audio input."
- Don Woeltje




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